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Mia Brody

Stranded with the Mountain Man

Stranded with the Mountain Man

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What do you do when you’re stranded with a grumpy mountain man in the middle of a snowstorm? You make out with him, of course. At least, that’s what these curvy girls do in this sexy collection!

The Mountain Man's Bride

I’m running from my wedding when I crash the limo. Fortunately for me, a scowling mountain man takes me to his cabin where we find ways to stay warm together. But when the snow melts, I’ll say goodbye forever. Because I need a groom to save the family business, and Crew has already been left at the altar once.

The Mountain Man's Flirt

My brother’s best friend has agreed to help with the launch of my bakery. But when I arrive in town, Amos is growling louder than a hungry bear. Turns out, he wants more than my donuts. He wants to devour 
me. But the snow can’t last forever, and my brother will soon discover the naughty things we’ve done together.

The Mountain Man’s Siren

The cabin was meant to be a retreat from the press that’s hounding my family. I didn’t expect it would come with the best feature ever: a grumpy mountain man who gives me delicious orgasms. But as the snow thaws, I have to leave. Unless this silent soldier will ask me to stay by his side forever.

The Mountain Man's Flame

I thought Aiden was a bear chasing me and attacked him with the heaviest book I could find. But my mistake doesn’t stop him from insisting we’re soulmates. There’s no such thing as that…even if my heart is tempted to believe his promises as we snuggle together for warmth.

Welcome to Mount Bliss where grumpy mountain men find themselves stranded with curvy girls during this year’s worst snowstorm. These growly alphas are sure to warm your heart while melting your panties. Get your swoon on with four sweet and sexy HEAs from Mia Brody!

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