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Mia Brody

Engaged to the Mountain Man

Engaged to the Mountain Man

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Imagine this: the sexiest voice you’ve ever heard is on the other end of the phone.

She’s calling to tell you that you’re a prince of some little country in Europe. She’s clearly lying, but that voice is the stuff fantasies are made of.

So, I play along with her little scam...

Sure, princess, you can visit me. I’ll be waiting to pick you up at the airport. Five o’clock sharp. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Now imagine my surprise when the princess does show up at my mountain cabin. She’s madder than a wet cat.

What’s more, she’s insisting that I’m her prince and we’re engaged. The joke’s on her: this scammer picked the wrong mountain man to play with. Because I sure as hell ain’t no prince.

If you love a growly alpha with a heart of gold who falls for a curvy princess, it’s time to meet Rafe in Engaged to the Mountain Man.

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